Everything You Need to Know about Myobrace®

Everything You Need to Know about Myobrace®

Feb 01, 2020

Having straight teeth is something we all want, but unfortunately, not all of us have well-aligned teeth. Some of us grew misaligned teeth while we were growing up. Some even thought there was no hope for them. You don’t have to worry about that because there are orthodontic treatments that can help you out.

You can go for things like braces and Invisalign®, and your teeth will be straight again. You will have that perfect smile you have always wanted.

If you have a young child and you wouldn’t want her to go through the whole process you had to go through, there is hope. Introducing Myobrace®, which is a system that aims at preventing misalignment of teeth for children. This article will discuss everything you need to know about this fantastic no-brace treatment.

How does it Work?

This treatment involves wearing some oral appliances as well as performing some activities as instructed by the dentist. The appliances need to be worn at least an hour during the day and overnight while your kid is sleeping.

The oral activities help correct some negative oral behaviors your kid might be having and for example, sucking fingers. The appliances, on the other hand, apply some pressure to her jaws which helps align her teeth. The appliances also encourage proper swallowing and breathing.

How Long Does it Take?

Myobrace treatment can be used to fix different issues. Each child has a different diagnosis. The procedure has four phases.

The first phase is the habit correction. This phase has its focus on correcting any negative habits your child might be having. It also helps your kid achieve the right posture for oral rest, i.e. her lips, teeth, and tongue rest comfortably.

The next phase is the arch development. This phase focuses on the upper jaw of your child. The jaw is widened to ensure that your child will have enough space for permanent teeth as well as enough space to accommodate her tongue comfortably.

The third phase is dental alignment. This is when her teeth are guided to their ideal positions. The third phase starts as early as the permanent teeth begin to erupt in your child’s gum line.
The final phase is called retention. This is the phase that ensures the treatment lasts as long as possible. Your child will have straight teeth without braces if you ensure to follow all the four phases correctly. Her oral habits will also be improved.

Who Can Get Myobrace Treatment?

This treatment can start when a child is around three years, and it continues to up to when she is 15 years. This is just estimation, though as every kid is different. Some can be done with the treatment as early as ten while others can go as late as 17. The treatment is most effective between six and eleven. Kids starting while they are teenagers are less successful since some oral habits have already grown in them.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of the treatment varies from one place to another and from one dentist to another. A dentist in Edmonton will not charge the same price as a dentist in London. Another factor that will determine the price is the age of the child. How long your child needs the treatment also affects the cost.

Different clinics have different consultation fees, so that’s another thing that affects the cost. Considering all factors, the cost of the treatment is between $2900 and $4500. The perfect age for treatment, according to Myobrace, is between six and ten years.

Is Myobrace Treatment Right For My Kid?

Several things can hinder the success of this treatment. Some illnesses can make the treatment go for a long time, and the outcome may still be what you thought. The only way you can be sure if it is right or not is booking an appointment. You should let him explain everything to you.


Myobrace treatment is a preventative pre-orthodontic treatment that ensures your kid gets straight teeth as early as possible. It also corrects negative habits such as finger sucking and fingernail biting. The perfect age for this treatment is usually between six and ten, but it can start as early as three.

If you are looking for no-braces treatment in Edmonton, we are here for you. We use the latest technology, and we are always ready to help. Your happiness is our happiness. Book an appointment today and enjoy excellent services!

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