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Financing and Insurance


Here at Great Smile Family Dental, we strive to make dental financing and insurance in Edmonton simple by offering our patients several ways to pay for treatment. We are willing to work with our patients to make procedures affordable for everyone. After all, everyone deserves to have healthy, clean teeth! 


Insurance can be difficult to deal with, especially if someone doesn’t know the particulars of their plan. 

A person’s insurance plan is the agreement between a patient and their provider, or the company that accepts the responsibility of paying for dental treatment in exchange for a monthly payment from the patient. To simplify the process of insurance, we currently accept all forms of insurance. This means patients who have insurance in any form can submit their information, and our office will send bills to the company. The particulars of a patient’s coverage still remain their responsibility, so we ask that patients speak with their provider about disputed coverage. 

Direct Billing 

We currently use a direct billing system where the company or insurance provider on file is billed directly for treatment after it has been provided. Patients have access to this information and can check on the status of their bills. 

Other Information 

Here at Great Smile Family Dental, our concern is our patients’ welfare. We want everyone to achieve the smile they want and not have to suffer the inconveniences and pain of tooth decay and gum disease. Individuals who are worried about how to afford treatment can speak with our office staff about insurance coverage, direct billing, and potential payment plans. We request that first-time patients bring their insurance information or card with them to their initial appointment. 

Our staff will upload this information into our office system so we have it on file and can bill more efficiently. Patients remain responsible for understanding their insurance coverage and are asked to speak with their provider before scheduling treatment.