Eradicate Dental Pulp Infections with Root Canal Treatment

Eradicate Dental Pulp Infections with Root Canal Treatment

Sep 02, 2021

Root canal treatments become necessary only when you allow infections of your dental pulp by refusing timely treatment for tooth decay or ignore chips and cracks in your tooth, thinking they are minor. However, no infection in your mouth is inconsequential because the problems can’t treat themselves unless you receive appropriate help from a dental professional specializing in treating conditions inside the tooth.

Root canal treatments become necessary for a cracked tooth from injury or genetics, problems with earlier fillings, or a deep cavity. You are recommended treatment from the endodontist near you because you notice your teeth are sensitive to hot and cold temperatures and exhibit other symptoms like severe pain while chewing or biting, swollen or tender gums, darkening of the gums, and deep decay besides pimples on the gums and a chip or cracked tooth.

Why Must You Endure the Pain of Root Canals?

Firstly root canals are not painful as they were earlier when dentistry techniques and anesthesia were not as updated as they currently are. You will likely report the endodontics treatment was as comfortable as having a routine filling in your teeth. Therefore you can leave your concerns about the pain you may have to endure when undergoing this treatment. Endodontics specialists are experts in pain management and will ensure you feel no pain when undergoing RCT. Why you must undergo root canal treatment is another question altogether because endodontic therapy is best to treat dental pulp infections occurring inside a tooth. Besides getting root canal treatment in Edmonton, AB, the only alternative before you is to get the tooth extracted and search for replacement solutions to close the gap in your mouth. Therefore the choice is entirely yours. You can undergo affordable root canal treatment or have the tooth extracted to spend considerable money on tooth replacement solutions.

How Does Root Canal Treatment Benefit You?

Root canal treatment saves your natural tooth besides providing many other benefits. The therapy restores efficient chewing and protects your remaining teeth from excessive wear or strain. The treatment also restores regular biting force and sensation and maintains the natural appearance of the teeth. If you are enduring the challenges the infected tooth heaps upon you, wouldn’t you benefit by finding relief from the excruciating pain and sensitivity by undergoing root canal treatment? We are confident you will decide to undergo RCT and relieve yourself from unnecessary trouble and concerns of getting an artificial tooth in your mouth.

What Does the Edmonton Dentist Do in Your Mouth When Performing RCT?

Do not worry; the Edmonton dentist is an endodontic specialist with comprehensive knowledge on providing endodontics treatment. Millions of teeth are treated and saved every year by root canals relieving pain and making the teeth healthy.

The Edmonton dentist performing root canal treatment on your tooth gets to the dental pulp, the soft tissue inside your tooth after drilling the white enamel, and another layer called dentin. The dental pulp comprises blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue, helping grow your tooth heart in the developmental stages.

The specialist aims to remove the infected or inflamed dental pulp and clean the root canals when performing this treatment. However, a fully matured tooth does not need the dental pulp and can sustain without it because it continues receiving sustenance from the tissues surrounding it.

After removing the infected dental pulp, the specialist cleans the inside of the canals and shapes them to fill with a rubber-like biocompatible material called gutta-percha placed with an adhesive. Next, the access hole drilled to get to the dental pulp receives a temporary filling to close the opening.

Root canal treatment in Edmonton is completed in one or two visits to the dentist, depending on which tooth is infected and its location. RCT on molars requires multiple visits, but on anterior teeth is completed in one visit. Depending on your specific situation, you must visit your dentist after your final visit for endodontic treatment to receive a permanent filling in the crown of your tooth.

After you complete root canal treatment, you no longer feel the pain or sensitivity your earlier did because the specialist would have eradicated the dental pulp infection causing the discomfort. However, the treatment renders your tooth fragile, leaving it prone to fractures or breakages. Therefore, it helps if you consider getting the tooth restored to full functionality from a dentist with a dental crown instead of merely receiving a permanent filling. The dental crown also enhances the appearance of your teeth while enabling you to enjoy its functionality without concerns. Set an appointment with us.

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