How Myobrace Works for Crooked Teeth?

How Myobrace Works for Crooked Teeth?

Dec 01, 2020

Most children now have crooked teeth, which is evident from the age of five. Crooked teeth are often attributed to genetic factors. Modern research, however, refutes the claim that genetics alone is to blame for low jaw development and crooked teeth. Study presently available provides evidence pointing to other causes.

Thumbsucking, mouth breathing, tongue thrusting, and reverse swallowing are identified as the real causes of orthodontic problems affecting children. Incorrect jaw development also occurs because of allergies, asthma, and an open mouth posture. All children are affected by one or more of these particular functional issues, which are the actual causes of incorrect dental and facial development.

Addressing the underlying causes of crooked teeth without needing extractions or braces is assumed by the preventive orthodontic treatment using the Myobrace system, which focuses on providing pre-orthodontic treatment. Children between the ages of three to 15 are best suited for this treatment as it entails using a series of intraoral devices and wearing them for a couple of hours every day besides overnight when sleeping.

What Does the Myobrace Treatment Do?

The Myobrace treatment focuses on correcting the poor oral habits of the child by developing and aligning the jaws. The therapy also optimizes facial development and improves overall health while straightening the teeth and promoting healthy habits.

Parents wondering how Myobrace achieves this goal will do well to understand that the treatment helps the child to breathe through the nose while keeping their lips together. It ensures that the child swallows correctly and the tongue is in a resting position.

The Working of Myobrace Treatment

The general practice is to wait until all the permanent teeth have emerged before beginning orthodontic treatments with braces. Unfortunately, the delay leads to irreversible damage not just for the teeth of the child but also their overall health and development.

Poor oral habits are apparent before the permanent teeth have emerged, indicating that the treatment for the underlying causes can begin much earlier. Preventive pre-orthodontic treatment can start in children as young as three years.

Correcting poor oral habits of the child by teaching them to breathe through their nose, rest their tongue correctly in the mouth’s roof, swallowing correctly, and continuing to widen their jaws to allow them to grow to their full and correct size is what Myobrace is designed for. The habits promoted by Myobrace ensure sufficient room is available in the mouth, allowing teeth to emerge naturally straight and, in most cases, without the need for braces.

A series of intraoral devices that must be worn for one hour every day and overnight while shaping is what the Myobrace system is about. The tools help correct poor oral habits while expanding the arch form and exerting light pressure to align the teeth and jaws. The child’s age and the severity of the orthodontic problem determine which type of appliances are provided by Myobrace.

Additionally, Myobrace activities, a patient education program, also help correct the poor oral habits of the child that often result in incorrect dental and jaw development. Great smile family dentistry educates patients about the activities which must be performed twice daily besides wearing the Myobrace device. The activities are a combination of various exercises involving breathing, swallowing, lip, tongue, and cheeks.

How Does the Myobrace Treatment Progress?

The treatment with Myobrace begins with a habit correction working through a combination of three or more devices to correct the underlying causes of orthodontic problems and aligning the teeth while emerging in the mouth. The treatment can begin when poor oral habits are recognized. However, older children can also benefit even if they have developed incorrect habits with some extra effort to achieve a successful treatment outcome. Excellent results can be achieved even by older children with strict compliance. The treatment with the Myobrace system is performed through four stages involving habit correction, arch development, dental alignment, and retention.

Is the Myobrace System Successful on All Children

The Myobrace system’s success depends on various factors, and sometimes the results are severely delayed with common illnesses and the use of the Myobrace device. However, the pre-orthodontic treatment provides many health benefits by addressing airway dysfunction issues and teaching children correct dietary habits, and allowing them to achieve their full genetic potential.

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