Tooth Extractions Near You in Edmonton, AB

What is Tooth Extraction?

An extraction is the complete removal of a tooth. Our dentist in Edmonton, Alberta, may recommend extraction if the tooth has experienced trauma, disease, or crowding. There are two main types of dental extractions in Edmonton, Alberta: simple and surgical.

Tooth Extraction Procedure

Getting a tooth extracted is not something anyone wants to endure. However, for many patients, extraction is the best solution. Tooth removal is always a last resort at Great Smile Family Dental to restore oral health and end pain. Keep in mind, our Edmonton dentist will first make every effort to save your natural tooth. In some cases, there is just too much damage or decay to save the tooth. What’s more, there are times when leaving an injured tooth in the mouth can threaten the health of the surrounding teeth. For that reason, our dentist in Edmonton, Alberta, may recommend tooth removal. The type of extraction will depend on the situation.

Types of Tooth Extractions

Just like there are different types of dental fillings and other restorations, primarily there are two types of extractions.

Simple Tooth Extractions

This tooth removal procedure can be done quickly, without surgery. We perform simple extractions at Great Smile Family Dental in the following situations:

  • A fully erupted tooth
  • A tooth that can be grasped easily and lifted out in one piece
  • No need for an incision or stitches

Surgical Tooth Extractions

To remove a tooth surgically, a small incision is made to access the un-erupted or impacted tooth. This is not a major surgery, but general anesthesia is administered, and stitches are necessary for proper healing. Surgical removal is needed when:

  • The tooth cannot be grasped easily because it is broken at the gumline
  • The tooth has only partially erupted or hasn’t cut through the gums at all
  • The tooth root has broken into pieces
  • Sometimes, the bone surrounding the tooth, or the affected tooth may need to be cut to facilitate removal

No matter which type of dental extraction you need, our Edmonton dentist will make sure you are comfortable throughout the procedure. In addition to local anesthesia, you also have the option to have laughing gas or conscious oral sedation to help you remain relaxed from start to finish.

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