Fixed Bridges in Edmonton, AB

People who lose teeth are no longer trapped with gaps. Instead of leaving the space open, patients can now visit a dentist like Great Smile Family Dental to have a bridge placed. The basic definition of a bridge is a synthetic tooth that is held in place using either the nearby teeth or an implant. A fixed bridge is a false tooth connected to those other teeth rather than the gums using a series of crowns.

What Is the Point of a Bridge?

Losing a permanent tooth is never pleasant, especially if multiple disappear or a large gap is left behind. Individuals who lose teeth are often self-conscious about their appearance and are less likely to smile or feel confident. Another problem is that those who have lost teeth are also less likely to engage in basic healthy behaviors like eating and smiling.

There are several health concerns when a tooth is lost. First, the gums are now exposed and can start to recede or develop infections from harmful bacteria. Second, the jawbone underneath the missing tooth will no longer receive regular pressure, which can lead to thinning and deterioration. Jawbone deterioration leads to the third problem: facial collapse.

A bridge can prevent all of these issues by reforming the smile and creating a full set of teeth.

How a Fixed Bridge Is Made

To have a fixed bridge placed, the patient needs to have a healthy natural tooth on either side of the gap. If they do, the dentist will prepare these teeth by cleaning them and then filing them down to leave space for the crowns. A mold is taken for the crowns, which will take two weeks to create.

A model is also necessary for the synthetic tooth and is taken of another similar tooth in the mouth. When all of the synthetic teeth are made, the bridge is created by connecting them. The fixed bridge is placed, adjusted, and then cemented to the prepared natural teeth.

After the cement has dried, the bridge is ready to use and will function like natural teeth.

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