Myobrace Treatment Near You in Edmonton, AB

Children are one of the biggest users of traditional braces. Braces are an orthodontic procedure designed to help realign and straighten the teeth, helping to prevent problems like bite misalignment, overbite, and underbite. However, many children are uncomfortable in braces, and our Edmonton dentist at Great Smile Family Dental believe there could be an alternative. For patients between the ages of 5 and 15, receiving Myobrace® in Edmonton could be the solution to crooked teeth.

What is Myobrace®?

The Myobrace® system is a form of orthodontic treatment for young patients that targets the underlying problems that result in crooked teeth. By using this treatment, children are less likely to need traditional metal and wire braces and are also less likely to need their teeth pulled.

Why Need Myobrace®?

Myobrace® is customized to fit in our patients’ mouths and only needs to be worn overnight and 1-2 hours each day.

Dentists have discovered that this system can do the following:

  • Straighten the teeth
  • Optimize facial development by realigning the jaws
  • Improve oral health habits
  • Correct behaviors like thumb sucking
  • Develop the upper and lower jaw

How Myobrace® Works?

Although orthodontists traditionally waited for patients to develop their permanent teeth in the past, new research indicates poor oral habits leading to misalignment occur during childhood. Leaving these untreated habits leads to poor oral development and can set up children to experience alignment problems for the rest of their lives.

Myobrace® targets issues early by teaching children essential myofunctional habits such as how to breathe through their nose, how to swallow properly, and how to rest the tongue against the roof of the mouth. While Myobrace® does this, it also gently widens the jaws and corrects misalignments, helping teeth grow in straight and strong.

Patients receive a series of Myobrace® appliances that are used alongside basic oral exercises and stretches. Treatment occurs in four stages: habit correction, arch development, dental alignment, and retention.

Get Myobrace® Treatment Near You

Alongside these fundamentals, children who use Myobrace® will be taught good oral hygiene, how to brush correctly, and healthy eating habits to improve overall oral health and wellness. If you’re interested, please contact us today for more information.

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