What's the Process of Getting Dental Fillings? | Tooth Filling Process

What's the Process of Getting Dental Fillings? | Tooth Filling Process

Apr 01, 2023

Scores of people globally are suffering from dental caries. Approximately 2.3 billion people globally are affected by tooth decay. Dental caries are by far the most prevalent non-contagious disease in the world! Isn’t that staggering? Therefore, let it not shock you when you find out that one out of four people you interact with might have dental caries.

Thank heavens, our dentist offers dental fillings in Edmonton, AB. Tooth fillings are an excellent dental treatment that can stop cavities from growing and restore the tooth to full functionality.

For some reason getting dental fillings has always put some cold chills in some hearts, so some people tend to shun away from a dental clinic. You might have heard that the procedure is severe, painful, and even disruptive. Contrary to these myths, getting dental fillings will change your life. Let’s unpack some truths about dental fillings.

What are Dental Fillings?

Dental fillings are aptly named due to their function to restore or repair a decayed or damaged tooth. If the tooth’s decayed or damaged part is removed, our dentist will “fill” the space by using a dental filling of your choosing. Tooth fillings are made using various materials, allowing you to go for something that will meet your needs and preferences.

What is the Process of Getting Dental Fillings?

The tooth-filling procedure is a pain-free affair. At our dental clinic in Edmonton, our dentist will perform the procedure to repair minor decay and fractures in the teeth.

Before the Procedure

  • Consultation – the first step will be to chat with our dentist face-to-face to determine your preferences and needs. Also, it is the time when our dentist gets to know you.
  • Examination – After understanding your needs and preferences, our dentist will perform a dental examination. Our dentist will use a probe and caries-detecting liquid to investigate the trouble areas. Also, you might need to take an x-ray to get a more precise view of the extent and location of the decay
  • Planning – When our dentist ascertains the location and severity of the decay, the next thing to do is to plan the course of treatment. This might entail the date of the procedure, sedatives to be used if needed, the type of dental filling, etc.

During the Procedure

  • The first step during the procedure is to administer local anesthetic to ensure that the area around the affected tooth is numb. This will increase the level of comfort throughout the procedure
  • Our dentist in Edmonton, AB will ascertain whether the anesthesia has kicked in before proceeding. After it has kicked in, the damaged or decayed tooth and the areas will be prepared for restoration. Our dentist will use a laser or dental handpiece to remove the damaged parts of the tooth.
  • Then, the acid gel will be used to cleanse the area to remove debris and bacteria.
  • Next, isolate the tooth to avoid interference, which can come about by allowing moisture on the tooth. The moisture will interfere with the bonding process, especially if you get composite fillings.
  • Our dentist will then place the filling material in the hole to fill it up. The filling material can be hardened or cured using blue wavelength light if the material needs to be cured
  • Finally, our dentist will polish your tooth to ensure that your bite feels normal

The filling procedure will take about an hour or less to complete. A simple filling might take about 20 minutes, but the process might take much longer if you need multiple fillings or a large filling.

Plus, if you want to get porcelain or gold fillings, you will need two dental visits. During the initial visit, our dentist will remove the decayed part, get impressions, and send them to the lab to get your filling fabricated. You will get the dental filling during your second visit.

After the Procedure

  • When the procedure is complete, our dentist will discuss with you how decay can be prevented from forming near or under the filling
  • You will have to wait for the anesthetic to wear off before you start chewing or drinking anything hot or cold
  • You will experience pain around the gum area, but it will last a few days
  • If you grind your teeth, ask our dentist to give you a mouthguard
  • Maintain proper oral hygiene

What are the Benefits of Getting Dental Fillings?

Some of the benefits of getting dental fillings are:

  • Tooth fillings hinder the cavity from growing.
  • Dental fillings improve the tooth structure.
  • Tooth fillings enhance your tooth color.
  • Dental fillings protect your tooth from decay.
  • Dental fillings strengthen a fractured tooth.

Get Dental Fillings Near You

Tooth cavities shouldn’t be left untreated since they will cause tooth loss. That’s why you need dental fillings to prevent cavities from growing. Plus, dental fillings will restore the functionality of your tooth. Since various materials are used in making fillings, ensure that you consult with our dentist about each type. Always remember we are here for you. So, contact us at Great Smile Family Dental if you need tooth fillings near West Edmonton!

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